Vector-electrocardiography, a screening test for coronary heart disease


As the first doctor in Salzburg I am offering the new diagnostic tool "Cardisiography". This modern tool allows the early detection of a coronary heat disease with an examination time of about 10 minutes. 

During the examination your measured cardiac currents will be compared and evaluated online to a comparison database of many hundred patients in Frankfurt. It is then possible to determine the probability of a constriction of a coronary artery. Such a stenosis may lead to a heart attack with major consequences and restrictions for your heart. 

A detailed patient history will be part of my examination to assess your risk of a coronary heart disease.

If my results are showing an increased risk of a coronary heart disease, I will organise further radiologic and cardiologic investigations for you.

Cardisiography is a private service and can be performed at any time in my clinic. I recommend to plan this together with your yearly medical check-up.

I am looking forward to inform you more precicely in my clinic!

Costs: 129 Euro incl. printed report

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